Why People Choose To Stop Taking Private Dance Lessons

by Taylor Hamilton

Why People Choose To Stop Taking Private Dance Lessons

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton


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It is natural of human behaviour to pull out of a commitment somewhere along the journey.

Despite some of the angst or guilt that is felt by those that cancel on a commitment, there are just some roadblocks that are too significant to ignore for people.

Private dance lessons with the best dance studios in Sydney happens to be an exercise that sees newcomers arrive and cherish the opportunity, whilst others struggle to last the distance.

How can this activity transition from a healthy and energetic endeavour to a routine that becomes a chore for some people?


Why do people stop and are they right to do so?

Here we will open up a discussion on the reasons behind students walking away from the art form, helping to point out some strategies to keep you impassioned and involved.


Lack of Progress

The very idea of signing up to private dance lessons is that you will receive an education up close and personal from a trained and experience teacher at a certified studio. Those pointers and techniques should lead to a healthy progression from one stage to the next. For students that continually find themselves behind schedule and not progressing to the same standard as others, their confidence in the process waivers. If the passion and application is there, then the solution comes down to perseverance.


Don’t Want To Commit Financially

Having to pay for private dance lessons might be something that can be calculated into a budget today, but down the road there could be car repairs, mortgage issues or a holiday that has to be factored into the equation. Between phone, water and power bills, health insurance and groceries, dance lessons might be seen as a luxury that cannot be afforded any longer. Most studios will offer financial incentives to sign up or to remain for an extended period, such as discounts on new referrals or loyalty rewards. Inquire about these schemes to cut down on the costs.


Feeling Self Conscious About External Opinion

Younger students who feel peer pressure when entering private dance lessons can allow the opinion of others to guide their own behaviour. This is an unfortunate symptom of growing up, but it can result in students walking away from an exercise that allows them to feel confident and empowered.


Logistical or Schedule Issues

Sometimes there will be events in life that were not predicted when you were signing up to private dance lessons. A new work opportunity arose; you signed up to a team sport that clashes with the lessons; or you had a child. Some of these events will be life changing but others can be worked around. It will all depend upon your passion for dance and desire to improve.


Underappreciate The Need To Practice

The “lessons” part of private dance lessons can eventually weigh people down who feel as though they’ve mastered the basics or have progressed as far as they were going to. Consider this arrogance or just apathy at the need to improve on their craft. Either way, there will be people who stop responding to instructions and start their own journey, a decision that could be positive or negative depending on their attitude.



There are other reasons why people pull out of private dance lessons. Perhaps the teacher, the studio or the general environment did not meet their requirements. Maybe that initial registration was made on a whim and that passion to get involved simply waivered. Whatever the case may be, it is important for dance students to weigh up the positives against the negatives.

This is an initiative that helps your fitness levels, it boosts self esteem and confidence, allows you to meet new people and bond with people you already know. If those positives are outweighed by other factors that makes the experience a negative one, then it would be wise to assess if it is an exercise worth continuing.

The good news about this practice is that it is always there for you when you need it, so don’t feel as though you need to permanently shut the door on dance.