4 Best Types Of Hot Water Cylinders You Can Get For Your Home

by Taylor Hamilton

4 Best Types Of Hot Water Cylinders You Can Get For Your Home

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

When winter time comes around it’s always great to have hot water cylinders installed in your home so that you can get instant access to heated liquid whenever you need it whatever it be for a shower or your washing machine. Having this access also makes daily chores easier and there’s no shortage of benefits to having hot water cylinders installed in your home.

However, without a hot water cylinder you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits and may get stuck without any heated liquid during winter. To avoid this, take a look at the following descriptions of each type of hot water cylinder available on the market.

water heater1.      Mains pressure

The majority of residential homes will have a mains pressure hot water cylinder as this gives them the most amount of utility for daily life. These units will commonly be made from stainless steel and offer a lot of great advantages over alternative models. The main benefit of this unit is that many new plumbing products are only able to be fitted to a mains pressure system.

Mains pressure are the most commonly used as they have the shortest waiting time before getting the heated liquid. This makes it popular with people who have busy lives and want to get their shower out of the way early.

2.      Low pressure

Rising prices for hot water cylinders has led more people to demand a more cost-effective option that sacrifices power for efficiency. Because such a large portion of annual power bills go towards liquid heating, it no wonder why people are looking for a cheaper option.

Switching to a low-pressure system will help reduce your utility bills at the cost of having a high pressure, instantons system. If you are able to live with less performance, you can save a lot with this option.

3.      Gas powered

Those who like the idea of instantons performance will like investing in a gas system to power their how water cylinder. This kind of unit has a lot of benefits including instant heat generation while being more cost efficient than other alternatives.

Gas systems are popular in colder regions where you want the liquid to heat up quickly, especially if your standing around naked waiting for your morning shower. These units cost less to run than a standard electric version and burn cleaner.

4.      Solar powered

The best way to save money with your hot water cylinder is to have it power by a set of solar panels on your roof. This means that you won’t have to siphon gas or pay an electricity company to power the unit – all your energy comes from the abundant, free source that is the sun.

Not only is this cheaper, it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint as your home won’t be as dependant on the main power grid. In this way, a solar hot water cylinder is also a great investment in the value of your home as future buyers tend to want homes that are environmentally friendly.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options out there for how to power your hot water cylinder and ensure you have access to heated liquid all-year-round. While some options are clearly superior to others, you will have to make your own value judgement when it comes to a purchase decision.