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Customer Service Skills that Every Salesperson Must Have

There are a variety of customer service skills that every salesperson must possess if they are looking forward to meet with clients. Failure to have employees with the best customer service skills may cause your business to lose crucial customers. Luckily for business owners, to avoid such an occurrence, there are universal customer service skills that any employee can master that can help in winning new customers as well as in their retention.
Although most people fail to acknowledge, Patience as an integral customer service skill, it plays a significant role in winning and retaining customers. When confused and frustrated clients reach out to support for help, they usually feel appreciated when they are handled by a staff who is patient and understanding to them. An impatient employee will not only make the customer feel bad about it but will also push them away.

Attentiveness is another customer service skill that is essential to providing excellent service to them. You need to be patient as you listen attentively to what they say without interrupting or missing the point. A customer needs a person that understands them and grasps everything of what they are putting across. Additionally, you need to be attentive to the feedback that you receive so that you can be able to answer to a particular call correctly.
Communication skills and convincing ability should be on-point. You will need to find an employee that can convince the customer that they are the best at what they do and that your services are the best in the market. Additionally, they should communicate properly and respectfully to the clients without being rude.

However, an excellent communicator does not confuse being assertive to rudeness. Finally, excellent customer service entails having knowledge of the product, ability to read the mind of the customers, persuasion skills and ability to handle shock. As such, it is important that a business owner hires employees and also acquires the skills that are vital in provision of excellent services to clients.

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Shopping Tips for Men

Most men do not enjoy the shopping experience; they just shop because it is necessary. As such, though they love dressing well and experiencing the extra confidence because they know they look good, shopping is still not a priority for most guys’. The problem is that shopping involves visiting several stores, comparing the prices, bargaining and at times, you lack an idea of what you really want. In the long run, shopping becomes a tiring, time-consuming and an annoying experience. Well, you no longer have to loathe shopping because we have some tips that will transform your shopping experience.

First, you need to realize that shopping in a hurry can lead to the purchase of wrong and ill-fitting clothes. That means that you have to understand your body type; each body type requires specific prints and fabric. Therefore, you may just have to research on the style that works for your body type. For instance, muscular men would not want to have shoulder pads on their formal jackets. Additionally, tall men shouldn’t consider the idea of wearing suits with narrow and vertical stripes because they give a much slimmer impression. With these ideas in mind, it will be easy to pick out a specific outfit from the store.

Moreover, when deciding on whether to shop or not, you need to take an inventory of your wardrobe. That way, you will identify outfits that you keep buying and those that you have completely forgotten about. However, there are some things that should never miss in a man’s wardrobe: blue jeans, white shirts, black ties and shoes. These things can be paired with most outfits and will never be termed outdated.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands; you don’t want to stick to one brand all your life. Most importantly, ensure that all the clothes you purchase fit perfectly.