How Overseas Travellers Should Prepare For Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

by Taylor Hamilton

How Overseas Travellers Should Prepare For Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton


While American citizens get a great thrill from engaging in Grand Canyon helicopter tour, it is overseas travellers who often get the most value from the adventure.

With an idyllic picturesque scene that is unlike any other sight on planet earth, this journey to the far reaches of the Arizona Desert is an experience that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime.

Featuring visitors from South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, missing out on this excursion when arriving in the United States is a missed opportunity of epic proportions.

However, as much enjoyment and excitement as there is with this trip, there is the need to plan ahead and think of the logistics to genuinely maximise the ride.

Here we will outline some tips and techniques that will allow overseas guests to enjoy this journey for all it is worth.


Book Well In Advance

Between December and February in the winter, and June to August in the summer, Grand Canyon helicopter tours can quickly book out. These are the peak seasons for the parks and overseas travellers as guests see them as great opportunities to cash in on their holiday period. Whether it is visiting friends and family or wanting to see what Christmas or summer is like in the United States, it is strongly recommended that participants seek out these services anywhere from 4 or 5 to 12 months in advance. The more time afforded to reserving a placement, the less stress and anxiety will be experience about being left out.


Prepare For The Helicopter Ride Sensation

Overseas travellers won’t be overwhelmed by flying through the skies on an aircraft, but Grand Canyon helicopter tours are a different scenario. Described by many as the same sensation as moving up an escalator but with more height and velocity, guests should make note of any potential motion sickness or ailments like heart conditions or physical pains that could become an issue during transit. The distance between locations can also be a sticking point for those taking the tour from Las Vegas or Colorado.


Be Weather Conscious


Partaking in Grand Canyon helicopter tours will not protect participants from the weather conditions that are experienced in the outdoors. Upon arrival to the destination in the Arizona Desert, the climate could be fierce depending on the conditions and time of year. In the heat of the summer, temperatures can soar to 40°C and above. During the winter seasons, temperatures can regularly drop below 0°C, providing snow and frost that will force travellers to rug up. The ideal seasons to sign up are between March to May and September to November, not just to avoid overcrowding but also to see the sights in a comfortable temperature.


Free Up Time For Other Events

From an 1800s railway connection to skywalking and riding the Colorado River rafting excursion, there is so much that can be packed into Grand Canyon helicopter tours. What is advised for overseas travellers in this case is to free up another day or two between the journey to soak in the sounds, tastes and delights that are on offer. Why rush back home when there is the Havasu Falls, North Kaibab Trail and Grand Canyon Village to soak in?



By applying some commonsense, forward thinking and bringing the smartphone along to snap some pictures and videos, overseas tourists can get the most out of their Grand Canyon helicopter tours experience. This is truly an adventure of a lifetime and with a touch of due diligence, guests can take advantage of a historic and wild landscape that has to be seen to be believed.