Caring From Beyond The Grave – Will Dispute Lawyers

by Taylor Hamilton

Caring From Beyond The Grave – Will Dispute Lawyers

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

No one wants to consider the possibility of needing will dispute lawyers but if things go wrong after a loved one has passed, they could be the best way to honour the person’s wishes. You may need to engage the services of will dispute lawyers for multiple reasons and today we’re looking at how they can assist your loved ones in caring from beyond the grave.

What Are Will Dispute Lawyers?

Put simply, will dispute lawyers are people who can assist in contesting the assignment of assets from an estate after the passing of an individual. They work to ensure that their client receives their entitlements, even if those entitlements may be in opposition to the final testament of their passed loved one.

Why Would You Need To Hire Will Dispute Lawyers?

Will dispute lawyers are hired under many circumstances including those listed below:

The Departed Was Not Of Sound Mind When Making Their Final Testament

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The thought of a loved one ending up in a state where their mind is not sound is soul crushing for anyone, but when that impaired state becomes a reality, and interferes with the final testament of those we hold dear upon their departure from this world, will dispute lawyers may need to be called in. People can put strange things in their final testament if they are not of sound mind and these oddities often do not reflect the best interests of those left behind, or the true wishes of the departed. In this instance, will dispute lawyers will step in, gather evidence that the final testament referenced is inadmissible and help to have order restored.

The Departed Was Coerced Into Filing A Testament That Does Not Align With The True Wishes

Another unfortunate reality is that in some cases, our loved ones can be coerced into filing a final testament that does not accurately reflect their wishes following their passing. While this is often harder to prove than the above point, will dispute lawyers can be brought in to assist with rectifying any changes that were made which do not reflect the way things ought to be.

Dependants Of The Departed Have Not Received Adequate Support

When dealing with dependents, it can be hard to be sure what the needs of each will be going into the future. In an instance where one or more dependent does not receive adequate support (or one or more gets more than their fair share) will dispute lawyers can step in and help reach a fair outcome for all involved. Please note, will dispute lawyers cannot pull money out of thin air, if there aren’t enough funds in the estate to support everyone adequately, allowances for this will unfortunately have to be made as they can only work with what is available.

A Third Party Has Contested The Departed’s Final Testament

In some instances, you may still require the assistance of will dispute lawyers even if you find the outcome of your loved one’s final testament to be satisfactory. In most cases, this will be because a third party has contested part or all of what is allocated and you will therefore need to defend your portion of what has been assigned. In cases such as this, although you are not necessarily required to receive assistance from a solicitor, we strongly suggest that you do so in order to maintain the integrity of the assignment of the departed’s estate and ensure you get what you’re entitled to.

You Feel You Have Been Unfairly Left Out Of The Departed’s Final Testament

Finally, if you feel that you have been unfairly left out of the final testament of the departed, you may wish to seek assistance from a solicitor to see whether you are entitled to compensation. Cases such as this are generally more complex than those noted above but by seeking professional advice and assistance, you can achieve the most favourable outcome possible.

Will dispute lawyers by no means have an enviable job, but they do what they do in order to ensure fair outcomes for all, don’t be afraid to reach out if you require assistance.