The Vital Importance of Reliable PPE In Hospitality

by Taylor Hamilton

The Vital Importance of Reliable PPE In Hospitality

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE in hospitality is important for the general safety of workers, customers, and the general public. There are a number of reasons to consider PPE in hospitality to be one of the most important regions of the workforce to have adequate protection – not the least of which being that a good majority of PPE in hospitality is meant for the kitchen and those involved in food preparation. 

Hygienically speaking, there is a huge upside for the use of protective equipment in any industry where consumables are being given to clients or the general public. Ensuring there are no foreign matter or dangerous objects going into the consumables prevents sickness and accidental danger.

We’re going to breakdown some of the things to look for if you’re looking to shop for PPE in hospitality, as well as some of the reasons they protect people in a number of different ways.

What Should Be Worn In The Kitchen?

Perhaps the most important area of a venue where PPE in hospitality takes precedent is in the kitchen. With so many elements on display at any given moment, it would be silly to not consider the various potential safety issues that can manifest in the wrong circumstances.

Preparing for such eventualities is at the heart of PPE in hospitality. For the kitchen it is recommended that chefs and workers wear jackets and aprons to protect against hot or caustic substances. Safety shoes are often enforced in most commercial kitchens, they’re typically non-stick and built sturdily to withstand potential utensil drops and hot liquid spillage.

Then of course there are gloves and thickened materials that are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of heat which is quite obvious for a kitchen of any size as the ovens are usually always burning strong and require a protection.

What Should Be Worn When Cleaning?

PPE in hospitality

When cleaning any venue, there will be chemicals that are not always suitable for contact with the skin. This is where PPE in hospitality comes into play, protecting your workers and cleaners from the heavy-duty chemicals and potential exposure to dangerous contaminants is the name of the game. Venues will often require some strong and potent chemical mixtures to effectively sanitise and clean surfaces where food or beverages are prepared or consumed.

What To Consider When Shopping For PPE In Hospitality

When shopping around for PPE in hospitality, it is important to ensure that you satisfy the specified level of protection you’ll need for the venue you work in. Always make sure you get the correct sizes for the staff.

We would also recommend that you get a lot of spares, trust us when we say that it is better to have too many than too few. Safety is certainly not something to be dollied around haphazardly.