What you Need to Know About Groodle Puppies for Sale Sydney

by Taylor Hamilton

What you Need to Know About Groodle Puppies for Sale Sydney

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

When you think about having a pet, a puppy is the first common thing that probably comes to mind. Dog lovers know how dogs are truly a man’s best friend. That is what brings us to the groodle puppies for sale Sydney. Everyone who enjoys the company of a dog will tell you how groodles are high-end dogs that instantly bring happiness to your world. Here in this article, we are discussing all about groodle puppies for sale Sydney.

What is a Groodle Puppy?

Most people may be wondering what a groodle is. A groodle is a breed between a poodle and a golden retriever. This type of dog breed is extremely intelligent, unlike any other type in the world. Some say that it has a golden nature and provides more than what normal dogs do.

A groodle breed has an affectionate yet carefree personality and that is why it is highly regarded and preferred as a family pet. This golden-hearted dog instantly gets along with children and plays with them perfectly. Besides, it also interacts well with other dog breeds and pets.

Monica Dickens, in 1969, first bred the groodle after seeing that the two breeds would produce excellent crossbreeds. The groodle is known by different names such as The Golden poo, Golden doodle, Curly golden, or Curly retriever.

Characteristics of Groodle Puppies for Sale, Sydney

Groodle puppies for sale Sydney


Groodle puppies are quite small with a height of up to 40 centimeters and weigh between 8 to 15 kilograms. However, they don’t grow too much from their puppy size. Adult groodles are medium-sized dogs unlike other dog breeds.


At a glance, groodle puppies for sale, Sydney present a lovely appearance. The ears are floppy and have long legs. However, their general appearance may vary depending on the initial dog breeds.

Groodle puppies have different coat types depending on their generation. You will find some with straight coats whereas others have shaggy fur or curly coats.


Groodle puppies for sale Sydney come in different beautiful colors such as cream, gold, red, black, grey, and chocolate. Some groodles may have white markings present on their fur, which makes them prettier, and sometimes costlier.


If you are looking for groodle puppies for sale, Sydney, then you will worry less about them getting sick. Being that they are crossbreds, getting genetic diseases is rare. Their life expectancy ranges between 10 years and 15 years. However, groodle puppies are susceptible to skin allergies that cause discomfort and sometimes hair loss.

Groodles Puppies for Sale, Sydney

Getting groodles for your home is a huge investment. For this reason, you should conduct thorough research. Many people post groodle puppies for sale Sydney but you have to compare the cost of getting one. The cost should include the buying price of the groodle puppy, food, vet visits, grooming cost, among others. Ensure that you are in a position to provide for the dog’s needs at all times.

Groodle puppies for sale Sydney cost about $5,500. The price varies upwards or downwards depending on the season. If you need the puppy to be delivered to you at home, then you will have to add an extra transportation cost. Since there is high demand for groodle puppies, most sellers would want you to make a deposit upfront for booking.


When buying groodle puppies for sale Sydney, get them from a certified breeder who knows how well to treat their dogs. You can ask questions when need be and also visit the homes of the groodles to see how they have been living. Groodle puppies are usually sold when they are between 8 to 12 weeks to ensure they have gotten their vaccinations.