What Does Myra Swim Offer That Other Swimwear Brands Don’t

by Taylor Hamilton

What Does Myra Swim Offer That Other Swimwear Brands Don’t

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

Founded by Bianca Elouise, Myra Swim was launched with the idea in mind to mix all her interests of art, fashion, surfing, and the sea all into a brand. Her aim was to make sexy swimwear suitable for every body type. She often designs her bikinis to suit the feel of the 80’s and 90’s by including a high cut, minimal coverage, and a seamless finish. Notable celebrities who have been seen wearing her designs include Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, and Jennifer Lopez. Myra Swim garments are made in a way that shows off a woman’s curve to feel confident in themselves. She uses lightweight, silky, and spandex materials to give her customers breezy wear. She wants to, with her designs, make women feel confident and comfortable to show the areas they would normally hide out of insecurity. 

Here is what Myra Swim offers in comparison to its competitors

Retro and nostalgic vibe 

Myra Swim takes inspiration from swimwear of the 80’s and 90’s. She takes this style and spins it on its own head, refreshing the classic beach look into the modern-day. This look takes on the approach of showing off your sexiness but also your sporty side as these pieces are made in an athletic cut. These styles include high-waisted swimwear, mesh material, high cut legs, bold colours, activewear features, and underwire tops. Myra Swim takes a more minimalistic approach banishing all bold colours to make it more of a neutral modern look. 

Breezy fabric 

Woman wearing a swimsuit from Myra Swim

All Myra Swim bikinis are made with a blend of nylon and spandex, which gently drapes across your body with its seamless finishes. Despite the tight appearance, nylon/spandex lightweight material is very comfortable to wear. This material gives it its athletic appearance previously used for superheroes such as Spiderman and used for figure skaters, gymnasts, and swimmers. When not worn, it can regain its original shape and is stain and perspiration resistant which keeps it from wearing out easily. This material is adaptable and durable, being able to as the fabric allows the muscles to move during exercise, making it great for swimming. 

Seamlessly sexy look 

With its breezy material, you can feel comfortable as well as sexy at the same time. Myra Swim includes a sexy high waist, high leg cuts, and little to no coverage to make you the talk of the beach. Feel like a beach babe in Myra Swim’s range of swimwear from minimal bikinis to a one-piece. These designs are made to accentuate and highlight your flawless figure giving you the reassurance that you are truly a stunner of the Summer. 

Suits every woman 

Myra Swim has a range of pieces to suit each and every woman of all shapes, sizes, colours, and personalities. We are looking to provide different styles to suit the personal preference of kinds of women. As the garments are made to highlight the flawless shape of your curves, this piece should allow every woman to be able to walk in the beachwear with the utmost confidence and radiance like the sun. 

Myra Swim offers a range of beachwear to suit any kind of woman. Not only do we have a lot of different styles, with our comfortable material, sexy cuts, and nostalgic designs, our pieces will have you looking like the sea goddess that you are. These popular designs worn by the likes of A-class of celebrities work to caress your shape to seamlessly make you look radiantly beautiful. Myra Swim aims to give you a touch of confidence to push you into the limelight, making you comfortable in your own skin.