Key Practices That Make Sydney PR Agencies a Worthwhile Exercise

by Taylor Hamilton

Key Practices That Make Sydney PR Agencies a Worthwhile Exercise

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

The use of Sydney PR agencies like The Ideas Suite by local businesses and brands might appear like a cosmetic exercise without offering any genuine substance.

Whether it is for damage control to try and combat bad publicity or to add artificial buzz for the roll out of a new product or service, there is a perception that the art of public relations fails to provide any lasting value.

That opinion is wide of the mark and lacks the appreciation of the nuances and progressive actions that give companies a genuine edge against competitors.

It is worthwhile for Sydney operators to take on board the key practices that are instituted by these outlets, each one illustrating why their services are a worthwhile exercise across all industries.

Objective Analysis

For the client to be successful, they will need tough love from their outsourced professional. Sydney PR agencies are not in the business of stroking egos or working as ‘yes men,’ instead focusing on objective analysis that speaks to real opinions and feedback from constituents about the enterprise and where it sits within the community. They will analyse what marketing tactics have been used in the past, what results were successful and which tactics failed. From that framework, the organisation can begin to make strides by combating the weaknesses and amplifying the strengths of the company.

Short – Medium – Long-Term Planning

To avoid operating in a vacuum where companies are only working day-to-day and week-to-week, Sydney PR agencies are brought onboard to provide planning on a short, medium and long-term basis. Crafting a positive brand image cannot be achieved overnight and they need to use their resources and engage with management about the objectives of the enterprise. From creating print marketing materials to uploading a new website design and developing advertisements on mobile platforms, the outlet will carefully rollout new endeavours that builds momentum and remains consistent from one form to the next.

Leveraging Local Media Outlets

In order to communicate effectively with local constituents, Sydney PR agencies leverage local media outlets to send those messages out to the target demographics. This will include television stations, radio stations, newspapers, Sydney-based events and digital platforms. They will already arrive to the office with these contacts ready to utilise, so it will be a decision about what forms of media are applicable for the company and what can get the most traction for the business.

Attract New Investment Opportunities

Sydney PR agencies aren’t only in the business of attracting interest and dollars from customers – they are also in the business of attracting interest and dollars from investors. These parties can give an injection of cash flow to the organisation by earning a share of the enterprise. This is a domain that usually comes into play by the third or fourth phase of the PR project, creating genuine buzz within the community and driving interest from consumers at large before the big players start to take notice.

Consistent Image Work

The craft of public relations cannot be turned off and on like a light switch. Must like the digital marketing strategy of search engine optimisation (SEO), Sydney PR agencies have to be diligent and consistent with their output in order to reap the rewards in the ensuing weeks, months and years. That type of project has to start at an embryotic stage, even if there is already an established recognition of the business. The alternative to run public relations in-house removes resources, diverts attention and intellectual property from within the company. This move to bring aboard a professional service delivers that consistent work behind the scenes that goes unappreciated until it starts to yield positive results.