Commercial Incentives for Using Corporate Flu Shots This Season

by Taylor Hamilton

Commercial Incentives for Using Corporate Flu Shots This Season

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

Businesses will be presented with the idea of corporate flu shots if they have a large enough team and department to cover during this period of the year. While some will be accustomed to the practice, others will be new to the venture entirely. This is a chance to look at the benefits of these approaches and discuss why they are becoming more commonplace for brands across the country.

Improving Health Access for Staff

When commercial outlets decide to invest time and money with corporate flu shots, they are ensuring that staff have quality access to necessary health provisions. In the absence of these measures, they are left to seek their own solutions, leaving them with the burden of identifying a provider and being vaccinated at their own time and at their own cost. Organisations will know that under these circumstances, vaccination rates are lower because there are external commitments and excuses that can be found, leaving the workplace underprotected as a result.

Reducing The Spread Early

Early intervention is key when it comes to corporate flu shots. Once infection quickly multiplies when men and women are left unvaccinated, leaving enterprises to respond to the problem rather than instigating an effective practice before the spread emerges. Just as flu season arrives, companies will book their own placements, institute the injections and ensure that any infections are minimised. The earlier the intervention, the greater the likelihood of success in this domain.

Helping Productivity Levels

Corporate flu shots

The implementation of corporate flu shots helps in a very tangible sense when it comes to the targets and expectations of the business at large. This is about the productivity of the organisation, empowering staff members at all levels to continue with their expertise and staying on course for professional roles. Without these shots put in place, participants begin to feel symptoms ranging from fever and headaches to fatigue, pain, coughing, sneezing and beyond, symptoms that are indicative of an infection. Those cases will lead to higher absentee rates and even if they do decide to stay at work, their productivity will clearly diminish due to compromised health.

Lowering Costs

Outlets who are debating the introduction of corporate flu shots might believe that the cost of the exercise is not justified. Ironically enough, brands will end up losing more money over the flu season than they would if they had paid for the original service. This is due to the increased absentee rate where businesses are left to pay sick leave entitlements and seek the assistance of casual staff to enter the fray. With affordable rates instituted across the board, the financial element is covered for organisations that want to do the right thing.

First-Class Business Practice

These corporate flu shots are not instituted purely for the sake of improving the public image of the brand, although that is another benefit that helps to separate the business from a number of their peers in the industry. It is about instigating a practice and level of care for members to illustrate the type of culture that is facilitated. Enterprises can talk a lot about their values and the objectives they hope to reach, but if they are not willing to take measures to protect the health of their number one asset, then that will just be empty rhetoric.


The commercial incentives that are on display with corporate flu shots detail a program that is effective against the spread of illness, helps the bottom line of the enterprise and enables business as usual during a sensitive time for outlets. When managers and owners step back and assess these placements for themselves, it pays to use these specialist medical providers through early intervention.