Client Benefits for Hiring a Trusted Migration Lawyer

by Taylor Hamilton

Client Benefits for Hiring a Trusted Migration Lawyer

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

Migration to Australia happens everyday across the country. People from all backgrounds and all walks of life are looking for a temporary stay in the Land Down Under and while they might think that it is a simple and straightforward process, many are surprised by the intricacies and challenges that can be involved.

Depending upon the traveller, their passport status, the reason for their travel, their profile, their intended stay time and their departure location and destination point, individuals will find that they have to adhere to unique protocols and provisions that are stipulated by the Federal government.

This is where a client will often reach out to a migration lawyer to ensure that they are operating through the right steps and procedures, removing obstacles that would otherwise emerge without those checks and balances.

Having a Representative Who Understands Migration Law

Commonwealth law stipulates what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to migration into the country. Applying for visas requires the individual to be forthright with the information they provide on the document and to be transparent with the nature of their travel. Thankfully a migration lawyer has the expertise and background to work through these demands, illustrating what provisions need to be focused upon and how to proceed with efficiency. The legal jargon that is splashed across these documents can be misleading and confusing at the best of times, so their support will be fundamental to a successful visa application.

Addressing Common Misconceptions

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Migrants will arrive in Australia complete with their own life experiences and their own interpretations about global travel and what is involved with the migration process at large. This will leave some men and women to make assumptions about who they need to talk to, what they need to bring, what they need to sign and how they can operate before their stay is certified. The fact remains that a migration lawyer will separate fact from fiction in this case, outlining precisely what is involved, what to do and what not to do.

Being Made Aware of Citizen Rights

Global citizens will arrive in the country with rights intact and while there can easily be some misconceptions and doubts about what is involved in this process, it is the role of the migration lawyer to demonstrate what those rights pertain to. They have the right to counsel and to be given a fair judicial process through whatever department is applied to their circumstance. Rather than feeling rushed, pressured or overwhelmed, they also afford some extra time where necessary.

Fast Tracking The Process

It can be surprising for men and women how much delay and red tape can be experienced in these circumstances. Without the professional guidance of a migration lawyer, participants can be referred to a number of different departments and fail to have access to a single point of contact to guide them to the desired end result. For example, the difference in protocol between a child residence visa, a bridging visa, a partner visa and a protection visa are quite substantial, so it pays to have expert counsel on hand to navigate these intricacies, waiting a matter of days as opposed to weeks.  

Saving Money

It might sound counterintuitive to hire a migration lawyer in order to save money, but this is very much the case when clients compare and contrast their experiences against those migrants who do not have representation in their corner. Border Protection fees and bills from the Department of Immigration can be costly, so the easier that these paths are negotiated through a migration lawyer, the less financial waste will be involved.