6 Signs You Need Pest Control Melbourne

by Taylor Hamilton

6 Signs You Need Pest Control Melbourne

by Taylor Hamilton

by Taylor Hamilton

As we come into Summer, more homes will start to experience issues that require assistance from pest control Melbourne. The combination of bugs and insects becoming more active and our homes being opened up a lot more often creates a perfect storm for the invasion of creepy crawlers and other critters that you don’t particularly want to be in cohabitation with. That’s why we’ve put together this list of six signs you need pest control Melbourne:

No Matter How Often You Dust You’ve Still Got Spider Webs

One of the biggest issues that Aussie families face over summer is an influx of spiders into their homes. Spiders don’t tend to like the heat any more than we do so if they can find a way into your nice cool home, you can bet they’re going to invite themselves round for dinner. This problem can also arise in winter as they try to escape the outdoor chill but you’ll most likely face more problems in warmer weather as your home is opened up more often leaving extra points of entry that aren’t available at other times of the year. If you’re finding webs everywhere no matter how often you dust, or have had to squish one too many spiders for your liking, it’s time to call in pest control Melbourne.

You’ve Seen A Cockroach

Another sign that you need pest control Melbourne is if you’ve found even a single cockroach in your home. This may seem overdramatic but where there’s one of these nasty little creatures, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have more so it’s worth dealing with the problem head on before it can get out of hand.

Your Plants Are Dying

Plants can die for a lot of reasons, but if you’re seeing damage to their leaves prior to their death, this could indicate an insect problem within your home. As gorgeous as indoor plants are, they’re also known for attracting bugs so if you’re noticing a mass die off of your leafy friends, it’s time to enlist some pest control Melbourne.

You’ve Got A Bee Or Wasp Nest On Or Near Your Home

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Bees are wonderful pollinators but many of us are deathly allergic to them. Wasps also present a significant allergy risk and they’re far more vicious than their smaller cousins. Because of this, if you notice a bee or wasp nest on or near your home, it’s time to call in pest control Melbourne. In the instance of a bee nest they may relocate rather than exterminate the nest, but either way, it’ll no longer be your problem.

You’ve Got Way More Mosquitoes Than Usual

Mosquitoes come out in full force in the warmer months but if you’re noticing even more of these bloodsuckers than usual, they may be breeding on your property. By calling in pest control Melbourne you’ll be able to drastically reduce your mosquito population as any breeding grounds will be destroyed.

You Found A Snake

Finally, if you come across a snake, do not attempt to deal with it yourself. pest control Melbourne doesn’t just exist to deal with creepy crawlies and someone will be able to assist in removing the snake from your property.

Noone wants to need pest control Melbourne but in the event that you do, don’t delay in calling in a professional. These signs aren’t the only reasons you may need to make use of pest control Melbourne but they are some of the most common so if you’re experiencing any of them, pick up the phone, you’ll be glad that you did.